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About Red Wire Group

Utah Based Clothing Factory

About Red Wire Group

Red Wire Group's primary goal as an apparel and clothing manufacturer is to capture your vision and translate that into a high quality sewn product.  We have extremely skilled pattern-makers, graphic designers and production workers who work together to produce the top clothing and sewn goods in the market.

Red Wire Group is a group of designers and makers with a unified purpose.  Seeing our client's products be developed is inspiring to us and the products are inspiring to others.  We thrive on creativity and feed off of the creativity of our customers and clients.  Our happiest moments are the reveals whether it is during a fit test or the presentation of a newly designed logo.  These moments are what we work for to make them amazing and memorable for our customers so that momentum can continue forward and reach all the customers that purchase our final products.

Our factory is located near 33rd South and West Temple in Salt Lake City Utah.  We are working to offer a high tech clothing factory to apparel brands located in Utah and the surrounding states.  A place where the brand owners can visit and watch their clothing being made.

Our experience is complete.  We can create the most advanced athletic wear and at the same time turn-around and design distressed denim street wear.  We have the machines to do almost anything and if we find that we don't have exactly what we need then we buy it.  We want to take on any project that is thrown at us and we want to do it better than anyone has ever done it in the past.

We reached out to Red Wire Group to help us design a jacket using a Polartec material that really had never been used in a jacket before.  Red Wire Group nailed the design and the construction. –  Jason of TacRider

There is no doubt that the clothing industry has had a major impact on our environment and the lives of everyone on the planet.  We want to make clothing that improves lives and betters our way of life.  We are constantly working to source materials that are environmentally friendly and reduce the amounts of waste that are currently being produced.

We know that the world is large.  To ignore the textiles that are made overseas would be severely limiting.  We source materials from all over the world.  We realize that certain countries offer products that we cannot currently produce in the USA.  We know that and want to infuse our products with the talent and knowledge from those who do it best.

We asked Red Wire Group to help us solve some factory issues that we were experiencing and they went above and beyond.  They revised the cut and sew processes and revamped our tech packs.  –  Jennifer

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