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Copy of Sample Making in Utah

a rare skill

Creating Apparel Samples in Utah

sample making in utah

it all starts with years of experience...

At Red Wire Group we know the importance of creating a perfect sample.  We always repeat that our samples are of a quality that could be hanging on a rack at a high end department store.  But that doesn't just happen.  Our sample makers have over 20 years of factory experience each.  Our samples are works of art and are critical to the product development process.

Each sample begins with a great pattern set.  After a quick discussion with our pattern-makers we set out to produce your samples right here in Utah. Professional cutters first layout all the fabric then hand-cut each individual piece.  We then use our machines that are dedicated only to sample making so that no production is interrupted.  Each machine is threaded then carefully set up for each stitch one-by-one.  To create perfect samples it can take many hours.  An extremely experienced sample maker like those who work at Red Wire Group can make a perfect pair of jeans in around 4 hours.